Levente, Matrix IT Solutions CEO

Levente's love for computers began in high school in the 90s (nerd alert!). Fast forward to 2012 when Levente founded Matrix IT Solutions to help businesses build and maintain computer systems that grow with their businesses. As a true entrepreneur, Levente founded another successful business, Matrix Chauffeured in 2015 to perfect the luxury car transportation business. As a business owner (times 2), Levente understands the needs of businesses, especially to save time and maximize resources

Under Levente's leadership, Matrix IT Solutions provides personable and trusted service in Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County. By focusing primarily on small and medium sized businesses, we have become experts in the best software, hardware, server and cloud systems that make sense for your business. If you're searching for an IT partner to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your technology is operating at optimum levels, contact us to discuss how Matrix IT Solutions can help.

Heather, Matrix IT Solutions COO

Have you ever had to drive 85 miles per hour to get to your law school class on time because you didn't want to miss a design or cooking segment on Martha Stewart's tv show? No? Just me? I used to "study" Living magazines in between briefing cases (nerd alert!). I love design!

So, in 2007 I started my first DIY blog (secretly hoping to be discovered by Martha herself). I loved the way I was able to connect with people all over the world. A few years later, I took over another DIY blog. This one already had a big following and I enjoyed helping it grow.  I loved not only creating content but learning all the technical aspects of web design, company branding and social media. 

That's my jam! ,

And now, the web design team and I help people and small businesses do what they love by designing original websites, logos, and marketing that they need to reach their ideal clients. 

Our Store

Levente and Heather met in 2017 over a shared style of classic with a modern twist. They both appreciate the clean design of mid-century modern and the masculine look of industrial style. Together, they curate interesting and high-quality office furniture and accessories. And, since Levente is a tech-guy, they also provide customers high-end home audio, networking equipment, plus automated items like thermostats, locks, and alarms to keep you safe, comfortable, and in style at home.

We're legit! We are authorized dealers for every product that we sell. That means that your purchases come with complete manufacturer waranties. Every product that you see in our store has been especially selected by us. We only sell products that we would use in our own homes and offices.